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Architects and Designer Wooden Hardwood Flooring Projects

Architectural and Design Projects: SEE ALL OUR RANGE OF WOOD FLOORING HERE>>
 K21 Wood strip/board fine flooring/ linings>>    
We are continually updating our project list to show the level of commitment we have to both our client's, Architects, Designers and the supply chain for main Contractors. Below are links to some projects and our picture gallery as well as the options on Bespoke Wood Flooring and Supply Chain Management:

You can see our environmental and sustainably policy here along with our certificates>>
We have developed with Bona the highest Slip Resistant Wood Flooring in the UK market 42 PTV in the Wet and this is a factory finished product which will have a longer life than any site application.
These projects often have specific demanding client requirements with short lead times. It takes a wealth of experience to deliver such projects both within the time frame and on budget. One of the crucial roles in such projects is the supplier and as suppliers and manufacturers we have been involved in many successful completed projects both in the UK and abroad. Our wooden flooring is specifically designed for the UK market due to our specialist knowledge and experience of working with Architects and Interior Designers. 
See also the Technical Specification and type testing Document (PDF) And for our Technical page with all the test results more info>>
A large number of our products have evolved from Architect and Designers Specifications where we have been asked to manufacture a particular wooden floor to a very specific design. If we do not have the wood floor you require in our range we can manufacture your specific needs providing you meet the minimum m2 requirement.
Our company has no middlemen or high overheads therefore our prices are less than half that of other manufacturers as we do not have the retail chains or other outlets to protect. We feel that our prices are the best in the market for the quality of wooden flooring available. Please visit our permanent display in the Building Centre, Central London.


We have advised and supplied to major contractors as well as supplying, fitting and finishing floors. A brief synopsis of our clients include Wildwood Design who advise Crew Clothing and we were honoured to be selected for their flagship store in Cardiff, Wetherspoon Inns, The White Hart Pub in Drury Lane London, Holy Trinity Church Finchley Road London, Major Galleries, Hotels as well as other major retailers throughout the UK.


Carbonised Oak in a night club Carbonised Oak in a Crew Clothing Shop

We enjoy and love what we do and this is shown in the quality of our work. As well as many domestic installations we have worked alongside some of the UK's most prestigious house builders and property developers. Having over 40 years combined experience in the construction/ refurbishment industry we are confident that we can accommodate any flooring restoration, repair or installation you have.
With the skills, tools and transport to complete any given assignment we are sure we can offer both you and your clients the level of service and commitment you have come to expect.
We always insist on supplying samples and are happy to deliver large panels to site or to your office for larger projects. We have one of the most extensive range of products in the UK and with our square edge unfinished Oak Floors we can create the ultimate designer look. We feel the following points are important to any Architect or Designer:
 Wooden flooring manufactured to British Standards
  • Flooring made specifically for the UK market
  • Extensive wood flooring information and specification
  • One of the largest ranges of wooden flooring products on the market
  • All our timber comes from sustainable sources
  • Environmentally aware and Environmentally friendly products and finishes
  • Large Stocks for immediate delivery
  • Extensive unbiased advice and experience with large and small specialist projects
  • Finishing on site which we provide to major retailers
  • The ability to manufacture to the client's exact specification if we do not currently stock the product
  • Product and installation guarantees if you use our fitters
  • On site visits for consultation and helping to define the specification
  • Knowledge and experience of under floor heating systems and wooden flooring installations
  • Easy Specification of our products
Other Services, Advice and Installation of the following:
  • Solid Wood flooring
  • Engineered / Overlay flooring
  • Wooden Flooring for under floor heating
  • Engineered Parquet panel flooring to your own design
  • Pre-sprung installations, cradle & baton systems
  • Sports floor systems
  • Sub floor preparation latex/screed
  • Liquid damp proofing
  • Acoustic underlay for floating floors
Why Choose The Solid Wood Flooring Company: FSC Certificate see here>>
The Solid Wood Flooring Company manufactures unique products with the best managed forest timber products. We will not purchase or machine any timber from the rain forests, such as Teak etc. A good managed forest will plant more trees than it harvests and in North America, parts of Russia and even China this is very much the case. We do not have many of our deciduous forests left now so oak in the UK is in short supply. All our products are unique to us as they are made to our exacting specification and are British quality controlled.
We have two main manufacturing facilities specialising in our solid and engineered flooring range. The two main facilities are FSC certified to ensure that all our products are sourced ethically with the environment in mind.
Wooden flooring products are just like us, every tree is individual and unique as this is how nature works. The grain and colour variation on any single species of tree will be different, just like every human being is different. Even identical twins will have personality differences even though they may look alike. The seasons and climate changes will have an impact on trees and can alter their hue, colour and structure.
Advantages of our Product range
Over a period of years we have developed and extended our range of wooden flooring, many at the bequest of our Architect and Interior Designer clients. We place the most emphasis on quality and functionality and with no middlemen so you receive a top quality product at a reasonable price. We are proud to offer you one of the largest ranges of solid and engineered wooden flooring in the UK market today.
Functionality and Under Floor Heating
All our flooring is hard wearing and can be used in the home and commercially. We regularly test our products for use with underfloor heating (UFH), installation in the home, pubs, club, office, retail outlets and hotels in fact anywhere where there is a floor. All our engineered boards are suitable for use with UFH systems. See our technical advice document on wood flooring and underfloor heating more info>>
Expert Advice
We are here to help and offer free friendly advice on all aspects of wooden flooring. We offer a survey service and help to enable you to choose the appropriate flooring for your environment. There are hundreds of documents and links on the web site to allow you to investigate every aspect of wooden flooring including help on any problems you may have with an existing floor.
We are FSC certified and a member of the Timber Trade Federation and Construction Products Association. 
This is very important to us and all our products come from sustainable sources with a chain of custody. Wood Flooring is a renewable source unlike carpets, vinyls, laminates etc which are man made invariably from fossil fuels. When buying from us you know you are helping the environment and buying the best wooden flooring available.
Environmental Policy
The Owners and Directors of The Solid Wood Flooring Company have made it a policy to only source from well managed legal sustainable forests and be responsible not only to the environment but also our clients, staff and contractors. We unreservedly condemn illegal logging and will not manufacture some exotic species as we believe that a lot are from questionable sources. With modern oiled finishes there are so many options that it seems a shame for companies to still sell flooring that comes from our ever reducing rain forest.
We only manufacture our own wooden flooring and can therefore control the sources of our raw material unlike a large number of our competitors who buy from traders, or where traders sell direct. We hold large stocks for immediate delivery.
We are certified members of The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) with a chain of custody certificate which means that all our FSC certified flooring can be traced back to the forest where it was harvested which ensures that it is properly managed. Further details can be found on the web site http://ic.fsc.org/
We are also committed members of the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) and implement their Environmental Code of Practice and responsible purchasing policy (RPP). The RPP is a key issue in the timber industry today as it will ensure that all forests will eventually become totally sustainable, and over time the rain forest will get replanted. Further information can be obtained directly from the TTF web site http://www.ttf.co.uk/ 
By following this policy we can ensure that for every tree harvested there will be more than one replanted. Never buy cheap wood flooring as it will invariably come from illegal logging operations where there is no management and locals cutting down trees and selling the raw material cheaply, in well managed forests only the best and oldest timber is selected, allowing younger trees to prosper for future use.
The USA for example has always had a sustainable Forest Initiative as it has used timber in its house building and flooring in the early days of its evolution. The US has a regulatory framework enforces its good forestry practise throughout the US and Canada which is where our American White Oak, Walnut and Maple are sourced from.
We are also very ecological in our manufacturing using off-cuts of Oak and walnut to manufacture our Sandwich Engineered Oak and fine line flooring. This means less wastage from the timber harvested.
Timber is one of the major renewable sources in the building industry; bricks use a tremendous amount of energy and are not renewable, as are fossil fuel products like carpets, underlays, paints etc. Properly managed forests mean that more trees are planted than harvested which gives us an infinite supply of a fantastic building and flooring material. With clever use of our resources in manufacturing we can ensure that we use the oldest trees that have served their useful life in taking carbon dioxide out of the air and replacing it with Oxygen with younger trees whose growth will help reduce global warming.

We are the manufacturer with no expensive outlets or other major overheads. We source and buy our wood directly and therefore can afford to cut out the middle man and keep our margins lower than most retailers. These competitive prices along with using our recommended experienced teams of wooden flooring fitters can save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds depending on the size of you project.
Wood flooring is a big investment so always look for something that will last you a lifetime. It is important to note that all our flooring comes from sustainable managed forests and is a lifelong product of natural beauty and durability. All our stock is stored in our warehouse is in Halstead Essex.
We do not employ agents or representatives we deal directly with our customers which means we can offer the best quality, advice and price for your project. We supply and manufacture solid and engineered wooden flooring which we feel is at the top end in terms of quality.
We can supply any variety of flooring from Oak and Bamboo to the more exotic boards such as Maple and Walnut, all harvested from sustainable woodlands. Nothing compares to the luxurious ambiance and warmth of natural hardwood floors.
Available in a variety of stunning exotic and domestic species, hardwood flooring combines classic beauty and durability all in a cost effective flooring alternative that does not sacrifice quality. A sound long term investment increases the value of your home whilst the natural beauty and warm appearance enhances and compliments all decors and styles.
Our hardwood flooring is a sustainable source of flooring for the UK market with technology and quality that has been seen in the United States for years, where wooden flooring has always been the proffered option rather than carpets.
The Solid Wood Flooring Company's manufacturing cycle begins with a sustainable managed forest. The life cycle of these forest trees is over 150 years. This has enabled the felling each year of mature trees, leaving younger trees space to grow and at the same time allowing new trees to be planted, in fact more new trees are planted than there are harvested.
Our bamboo flooring is the most environmentally friendly and we do not harvest where Panda Bears exist. We are very conservation minded and are always looking at ways to reduce deforestation and unnecessary tree felling. We always use the best available raw materials to guarantee the quality of our end products. Our specialists select the finest trees and carefully inspect all timber before accepting the logs into the manufacturing cycle.
In the manufacturing cycle, we maximize the log stability and strictly control the moisture level through our sawmill and kiln drying facility, all our floors are dried to less than 8% moisture content. Logs are precisely sawed to maximize output and reduce cost and then kiln dried to industry standards to increase the durability and dimensional stability of all our floors. Our very precise milling ensures an easy and impeccable installation. The planks are manufactured straight, with a constant thickness and width. Our high manufacturing standards and our quality control process assure an easy and worry free installation, which saves time and reduces wastage.
The look and feel:
Wooden flooring adds a natural charm to any room in your home or environments such as clubs, pubs, shops, museums, offices and commercial premises. There are endless possibilities in choosing a design to complement your current decor.

Carbonised oak E807 Engineered Antique Smoke Oak Engineered

Antique Natural Oak Engineered American Walnut Engineered
Durability and longevity:
Wooden flooring is more durable and lasts longer than ever before with the technology of modern protective finishes. Because of its longevity and durability solid hardwood flooring possibly provides the best value-for-money option compared to other types of flooring.
Temperature and sound regulator:
Wood is an insulator, helping to keep heat in when it is cold and the house cool when it is hot. Solid wood is also a fibrous material and it absorbs sound.
Adds value to your home:
Hardwood flooring will add value to your home making it a good investment. Installation is quick and easy on any surface if you use professional fitters.
Low maintenance:
Regular sweeping or vacuuming and the occasional mop (with the recommended cleaner) is all it takes to maintain any solid wood flooring and its lustre will remain because dirt and dust do not stick to hardwood surfaces. We also supply maintenance kits to keep your floor looking pristine.
Wood will absorb impact better than other floor types because of its natural softness, making it potentially safer for places with children and babies.
Hardwood flooring is clean and dust mites or any other allergic organisms do not live on such floors making it ideal for the modern environment where so much pollution surrounds us. Hardwood flooring is perfect to combat asthma and numerous other allergies.

Antique Hand Distressed Oak
Our Antique
hand scraped oak boards are like old world classic floors and are the result of man working with the best of nature to create a unique wooden floor for your home. Like elegantly aged antiques, they create luxurious old world character giving the appearance of an aged floor that has been walked on for a hundred years.
We are proud of the craftsmanship and quality that goes into our antique oak floors which can adapt to a wide range of applications and lifestyles. Distinctive designs offer unlimited possibilities to help you create your dream room, with unique and beautifully crafted custom wood floors.
Hand Scraped Texture and Process:
We use manual methods of hand distressing not machines. Distressed hardwood flooring is done by machine or by hand. The problem with machine distressing is, as you look across the floor, you see the same pattern repeating across the floor which lacks a natural feel. Some manufacturers are just denting, scooping, or roughing the floor. Others are sanding the floor unevenly to create a worn look. We make our antique oak floors by scraping the entire surface of the flooring creating unique handmade antique Oak Floors.

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