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Why buy your hardwood flooring from the Solid Wood Flooring Company

We manufacture the highest quality solid and engineered wood flooring in the most demanding market in Europe. We are committed to:

We use only the best adhesives and finishes available today. Bona Industrial Naturale lacquers are harder than even their traffic application and Blanchon and WOCA oils are the best in the market. We never compromise on quality or finish making sure that you have a lifetime trouble free floor. If you use one of our specialist qualified installers you will have no problems during or after the installation. If anything should go wrong we will rectify as soon as humanely possible.
We certify all our products and have extensive quality control and batch procedure in place to ensure consistency in all our hardwood flooring. Our procedures meet all the industry standards and we conform with the UK Timber Trade Federation requirements in both Responsible Purchasing and Quality control.
We are the manufacturer with no expensive outlets or other major overheads with our own brand we do not have to account for this in our prices. Buy direct and take away the risk, and with our arrangement with one of the best team of fitters in the country you could save hundreds or even thousands of pounds.
You will find our prices for both solid wood flooring and Engineered Flooring the most competitive in the market for the quality and can be as much as 50% less than high street retailers for the same quality. Wood flooring is a big investment so always look for something that will last a lifetime. Our warehouse is in Ipswich. It is important to note that all our flooring comes from sustainable managed forests and is a lifelong product of natural beauty and durability.
There are no agents or middlemen just you and us which means we can offer the best price and quality. We only supply solid wood and high quality engineered board 20mm thick or 21 mm thick (9 layers of Birch plywood) with a 5mm or 6mm top layer of solid wood for that extra quality engineered board. Engineered boards are usually used when installing under floor heating or where there is a damp sub layer such as basements etc.
We can supply any variety of flooring from the basic Oak and Bamboo to the more exotic such as Maple, Walnut and many others, all harvested from sustainable woodlands. Nothing compares to the luxurious ambiance and warmth of natural hardwood floors. Available in a variety of stunning exotic and domestic species, hardwood flooring combines classic beauty and durability all in a cost effective flooring alternative that does not sacrifice quality.
A sound long term investment increases the value of your home while the natural beauty and warm appearance enhances and compliments all decors and styles. The difference between solid hardwood flooring and laminates, engineered boards etc. is dramatic. No “horrible” sound effects, no chipping or cheap looking finishes. You have to see the difference to believe it. Get rid of those fitted carpets and all the “bugs” and dust that they create. Live in the modern clean environment with warmth where you could turn any room into a dance floor.
Our hardwood flooring is a new source of hardwood flooring for the UK market with technology and quality that has been seen in the United States for years. The Solid Wood Flooring Company’s manufacturing cycle begins with sustainable managed forest. The life cycle of these forest trees is over 150 years. This has enabled the felling each year of mature trees, leaving younger trees space to grow and at the same time allowing new trees to be planted.
Our bamboo flooring is the most environmentally friendly and we do not harvest where Panda Bears exist. We are very conservation minded and are always looking at ways to reduce deforestation and unnecessary tree felling. We always use the best available raw materials to guarantee the quality of our end products. Our specialists select the finest trees and carefully inspect all timber before accepting the logs into the manufacturing cycle.
In the manufacturing cycle, we maximize the log stability and strictly control the moisture level through our sawmill and kiln drying facility. Logs are precisely sawed to maximize output and reduce cost and then kiln dried to industry standards to increase the durability and dimensional stability of all our floors. Our very precise milling ensures an easy and impeccable installation. The planks are manufactured straight, with a constant thickness and width.
Our high manufacturing standards and our quality control processes assure an easy and worry free installation, which saves installation time and reduces wastage.
The look and feel: Wooden floors add a natural charm to any room. There are endless possibilities in choosing a design to complement your current decor.
Durability and longevity: Wooden flooring is more durable and lasts longer than ever before with the technology of modern protective finishes. Because of its longevity and durability solid hardwood flooring possibly provides the best value-for-money option compared to other types of flooring.
Temperature and sound regulator: Wood is an insulator, helping to keep heat in when it is cold and the house cool when it is hot. Solid wood is also a fibrous material and it absorbs sound. Adds value to your home: Hardwood flooring will add value to your house, making it a great investment installation is quick and easy on any surface.
Low maintenance: Regular sweeping or vacuuming and the occasional mop (with the appropriate cleaner) is all it takes to maintain its any solid wood floorings lustre, because dirt and dust do not stick to hardwood surfaces. We also supply maintenance kits to keep your floor looking new.
Safety: Wood will absorb impact better than other floor types because of its natural softness, making it potentially safer for places with children and babies. Allergies: Hardwood flooring is clean and dust mites and other allergic organisms do not live on such floors making it ideal for the modern environment where so much pollution surrounds us. Hardwood flooring is perfect to combat asthma and n numerous other allergies.
Please call for further information and to test our customer service level which we pride ourselves on.

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