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WOCA Floor Maintenance

We are major distributors for WOCA Woodcare Denmark wood flooring products. We carry a large stock of their most popular products including oils and maintenance kits and supply at very competitive prices. Please see the products and prices on this link here

The swep mop opposite is one of the best in the market for cleaning wooden floor with WOCA Soap oil. You can "wring" the mop virtually dry by the unique construction of the mop and you can download the instructions here (PDF). Wood should reflect the life in our homes with family, children, pets, friends, activities –and relaxation. From nature’s hand, wood is equipped with special properties which make it a unique material in our homes –wood is wear resistant, flexible and functional.

With WOCA after care, wooden floors maintain their unique properties and beautiful appearance.
With WOCA WoodCare we protect and rejuvenate your precious floors and wood products –keeping it well for the future.
Who would invest in quality wood work and then not look after it properly??
Easy Maintenance is good maintenance and by using the WOCA maintenance products you will keep your floor looking like new
Regular Cleaning with WOCA Soap replenishes the floor
Gently Cleaning does not do damage and makes life easier
Adding additional Maintenance protection when you clean with the soap oil
Only Done when it is needed!!!
WOCA Soap Oil is used for regular cleaning, refreshing and maintenance of oiled wood floors and is based on oil and soap.
Natural Soap – natural and white for the regular cleaning of oiled, waxed and soaped surfaces.
Master Soap – natural and white for the frequent cleaning of oiled, waxed and soaped wood floors. No nourishing properties. Ideal for cleaning with a cleaning machine.
Oil Refresher – natural and white. Ensures maximum dirt and water-resistance from day one
• Enhances the natural colour to the wood
• Cleans and maintains the floor gently
• Leaves a mat protecting oil film on the surface of the wood floor
Stone Soap – natural for the regular cleaning of stones and quarry tiles.

WOCA Soap Oil Oil Refresher natural is typically used for natural oiled and colour oiled floors.
WOCA Soap Oil Refresher white is for white oiled wood floors.
WOCA Soap Oil Refresher combines efficient cleaning with re-oiling as addition oil is penetrating into the wood of the floor forming a mat protective layer in the surface. WOCA Soap Oil refresher is available in the container sizes of 1 and 2,5 litre containers and in the colours natural and white.
You will need the following tools for using the refresher:
2 plastic buckets, mop, doodlebug, floor cloth or the like. il Refresher Natural or white in 1 or 2,5 litre tubs. The consumption is 150-200 m2 per /litre

How to do it!
Shake the bottle well before use.
The floor must be free from dust before treatment.
Mix WOCA Soap Oil with lukewarm water, for traditionally oiled floors: 1:20 (250 ml WOCA Soap Oil into 5 litres of water). For UV-oiled and oil-waxed floors: 1:40 (125 ml WOCA Soap Oil into 5 litres of water). The mixture ratio can vary depending on wear and requirement.
Treat with a light wrung floor cloth or mop lengthwise of the floor. Immediately afterwards, dip the floor cloth or mop into the mixture and wipe the floor with hard wrung floor cloth or SWEP MOP again lengthwise of the wood. Use two buckets - one with WOCA Oil Refresher mixed with water and one with rinsing water. It is recommended to clean an area of approx. 10 m2 at the time. By doing it this way, the floor is exposed to moisture for a short period.
Leave the floor to dry for approx. two hours before use.
If a light shine is wanted, polish the dry floor with a white pad.
Note: Oiled wood floors can also be cleaned regularly with WOCA Natural Soap ‘Natural’ or ‘White’ and re-oiled with WOCA Maintenance Oil or WOCA Maintenance Paste at regular intervals in residential areas and oftener in commercial areas. On surfaces exposed to extremely hard wear, the treatment can be done locally.
Wood Cleaner for the basic cleaning of all surfaces – irrespective of finished or unfinished.
Spot Remover - Removes different dirt and stubborn stains from surfaces with oil, wax, lacquer or soap.

Maintenance Oil – natural and white is for the re-freshening and regular maintenance
of oiled floors. May be applied manually as well as with machine.

Maintenance Paste – natural and white for the re-freshening and regular maintenance
of oiled floors. May be applied manually as well as with machine.is also ideal for UV-oiled floors.

Rejuvenating your wooden floor with WOCA Maintenance Oil/Paste:
Easy to apply by hand
Fast drying
Ecological friendly

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