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Hardwood floor 'a high-quality feature of contemporary US home'

29th February 2012

Wood flooring is the perfect home improvement

There are many signs that a home is perhaps a little more special than other buildings. Of course, its size, grandeur, location and design will all have a bearing on your first impressions of any abode. But it may now be time to add the presence of magnificent hardwood floors to the list of indicators that a property is one to remember.

It certainly seems as those that is the case at a modern and attractive home in Marblehead, US, which has been documented by the Marblehead Reporter. The town, located in Massachusetts, boasts the featured dwelling, which is spacious and comes with its own terrace.

But what could first grab the attention of those who visit it is the large and bright wood flooring that is laid in the dining room. Indeed, the news source noted that it is the floor and the modern lighting that help the owner show off this area to its very best.

That seems to match up with advice recently issued by Rosemary Sadez Friedmann, an interior designer based in Florida, who told the Republic that one worry wood floor owners will never have is that their surface could go out of fashion. She explained the material is "always in vogue".

Her words certainly ring true at the Marblehead property, where other exciting and appealing aspects include a study with a grand fireplaces as well as large windows that ensure plenty of light is brought inside.

A perfect home is not all about style and ease on the eye, however, as the newspaper went on to remind readers that practicality is not shunned. For instance, a double garage is attached to the property, while the outside decking is large enough to seat a family, perhaps around a table for a barbecue, while some members play in the pool.

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