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Rugs could add comfort and style to flooring solutions

15th March 2012

Feng shui can bring decorative harmony to living spaces

Nothing gives a tired old property a bigger lift than top quality solid wood flooring. It is a sure fire way of adding a touch of class to a home and many of us would have wood flooring right the way through our house if we could.

People who fear that taking this approach will make every room look the same can introduce a number of accessories so that each part of a house has its own character. Some interior designers have suggested that buying rugs is a good way to make a room stand out and also to achieve a more welcoming ambiance.

Of course, you don't want to be covering up your beautiful wooden floor in its entirety, but a small rug can prove to be an ideal accompaniment to offset the dark tones of the timber. Designers at Terrys Fabrics have suggested that if you really don't want to sacrifice an inch of your pristine floor space, homeowners can hang their rugs from the wall.

By doing this, you are essentially getting the best of both worlds, as your immaculate floor is still being complemented by the colourful accessory. Wood is very fashionable at the moment and so it is vitally important that you get the colour of rugs just right if you are going to stay on trend.

The time of year may have a bearing on what hues you eventually go for and with spring fast approaching, softer pastille shades may be the way forward. Light blues or pale yellows may add a bit of freshness to a property and it is always worth considering green when summer draws closer, as this helps bring the outside indoors.

Another consideration is the patterns being used in rugs. With wooden flooring creating a rustic and earthy look, it is perhaps best to steer clear of wild designs that take too much of the emphasis away from your beautifully crafted floor.

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