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Grey Shading for Wood Floors

Timberex Active Stain Colour Chart
We have worked extensively with Architects & Designers along with the renowned wood care manufacturer Timberex to create the Active Stain range of grey coloured treatments for wood flooring.

Timberex Active Stain is a range of water based grey stains that penetrate deep into the wood for a lasting grey colour tone.  Only one coat is required and no special tools are needed.

If you're looking to create a unique grey floor, you can consider our range of pre-finished grey floors or choose an unfinished wood floor and once fitted, apply one of the Timberex Active Stain treatments for a bespoke look.

If you want to intensify the grey, you can apply a Timberex Driftwood Colour Oil to finish the wood; alternatively apply Timberex Enviro Raw Timber to seal the floor with a hardwearing clear finish.

Active stains are chemical treatments that “react” with the tannins in the oaks’ cell structure.  As each tree is individual, the tannins will be affected by the nutrients that the tree absorbs during its growing season as well as changes in our seasons and the climate changes that occur naturally over hundreds of years. Each tree will be affected by all these natural elements which mean that the colours created by active stains will vary considerably on each board and each part of the board.  These treatments bring out the beauty of wood with all its variances.
If you are looking for consistent colours with no colour variation then you should look at stains which do not react with the tannins or the Timberex Aqua Plus Finishes 

Active Stain can be top coated with a variety of different products included coloured oils and hard wax oils.  

If you’re interested in seeing any of our Timberex products, please call our team of experts on 01666 504015 or email to find out more.