The Solid Wood Flooring Company is now a member of the Society of British and International Design which we consider a great honour.

The Society of British and International Design is the UK-based standard bearer organisation for the accreditation of professional interior designers, product suppliers and educational institutions. They work to strengthen the profession of interior design and the commercial success of our members.

membership certificate from SBID

Our Technical Library is continually updated and we will be producing a CPD for SBID in the future on wood flooring installations. This is a major resource for Architects and Designers and covers all aspects of wood floor design, installation, finishes, sustainability certificates and much more.

We work closely with Architects, Designers and Contractors to create unique wood flooring solutions that can also be used to clad walls. The image shows one of our fumed boards with a special finish that tones down colour variation but does not change the colour. This can be seen in The Brew House in Bristol.

Made to Measure: We do not "sell" floors, we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional service where we work with Architects and Designers to create finishes and colours that match their requirements. This takes into account the use of the floor, colour and texture required and the subfloor make up. A lot of these products now make up our general stock lines.

We can advise and complete NBS specifications with detailed installation guides as well as site visits to ensure all environmental conditions are conducive to a successful wood floor installation.

With over 10 years' experience in high rise developments, we know all the potential pitfalls, as well as Museums, Commercial and retail installations.

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