Have you ever wondered about the science that goes into solid wood flooring? Perhaps considered the life cycle of the forests they are grown in?

We welcome you to read on to discover what really goes into the hardwood floors installed in homes around the nation, and discover what you could be proud to walk on with any of our hardwood flooring range.

Facts on sustainable forestry:

  • 1 Hectare of a commercially managed forest will capture 483 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide
  • After a few years, the trees are thinned to create chipboard, furniture wood and renewable energy fuels
  • After 25 years, the trees are ready to produce sawn timber
  • After 40 years, the entire plantation is ready to be clear cut and the tree life cycle begins again
  • For every two trees cut down, five more are planted

Facts on CO2 Emissions

There’s no secret about the fact of Carbon Dioxide being dangerous to the environment. Government initiatives around the world are taking action to reduce the amount of CO2 emission.

The trees that are used in…

  • Timber constructions
  • Solid wood furniture
  • Chipboard
  • Solid wood flooring
  • And every other activity that forms a part of sustainable forestry helps to reduce these emissions.

How trees reduce carbon emissions

Trees are made of air. The leaves on each of them provide the wood with the nourishment they need to survive their life cycle of 40 years.

During that time, every tree has captured and locked in 742 kilograms of CO2 from the atmosphere.

After that, the solid timber can be sourced and used for timber build construction in housing developments, and to fit hardwood floors in any home.

Consider this - one housing estate with 84 timber constructed homes is capable of storing over 1,600 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide with no risk to health as it is locked into the timber.

Imagine if every home was fitted with solid wood flooring.

How much CO2 would that prevent from being released into the atmosphere?

What’s more is that as part of responsibly sourced timber, for every two trees used, five more are planted. That’s thousands of tonnes of CO2 coming out of the air, creating a healthier environment, contributing to less pollution and clean air for centuries to come.

Would that make you proud to walk on your hard wood floor?

Whether you want an engineered floor to match specific requirements, or looking for an economical solid wood floor, you can be certain that every floor in our product range are sourced responsibly.

You too have the power to contribute to reducing carbon emissions by locking them into your floors instead emitting CO2 into the atmosphere.