Our Green Sustainable Logistics Strategy

Posted By Solidwood Company

Our mission to help make our planet more sustainable is constantly evolving. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve always prided ourselves on staying ahead of the game through innovation and by adopting technological advances. There’s a reason we’ve made it our policy to only source from well-managed sustainable forests.

Heavy Fuel Oils create more problems than solutions

Our forward-thinking approach means we’re always looking for ways to achieve our mission. Through this, it’s come to our attention that container shipping is an energy-intensive activity as most shipping containers still use unsustainable Heavy Fuel Oils.

It’s more important now than ever before to explore low-carbon energy options which can integrate easily into our existing supply chains. This means we must consider factors like ease of implementation, efficiency in lowering carbon emissions and the cost of production.

First-generation biofuels like ethanol continue to be unsustainable options with their low greenhouse gas reduction potential. Factors such as the risk of land-use change and deforestation mean these biofuels create more problems than solutions in the current climate.

Working with Maersk ECO Delivery for sustainable supply chains

That’s why we’re proud to partner with global logistics specialists Maersk ECO Delivery. They use only sustainable second-generation biodiesel, which offers a promising decarbonisation solution that can save an average of 2 tons of carbon emissions per container shipped.

This perfectly aligns with our commitment to sustaining our planet whilst creating stunning interior spaces for our clients. Why? Because we choose to use wood: the only renewable choice for flooring as its production uses less energy than any other material. By improving our efficiencies for our logistics, we’re choosing to further contribute to this commitment.

Like us, Maersk is always looking into the future of our planet and our industries. As a result, they’ve invested in REintergrate, which focuses on turning waste into fuel and green bio-methanol. It’s believed this will play an important part in decarbonising our supply chains for the next 10 to 15 years.

Whilst the search for sustainable energy is always evolving, working with Maersk Eco Delivery is yet another step towards us continuing to deliver stunning and sustainable products whilst protecting our planet's future.