Wood Flooring Prices

Posted By Solidwood Company

There is a lot of hype about the pricing on wooden flooring and also a lot of very cheap wood in the market that will not last. It is pointless trying to go “cheap” as you will get flooring with a lot of sapwood that is softer and will not wear as well.

The other issue is the finish, the cheap woods tend to have a very poor finish that will not last and you will spend more money trying to keep you floor looking nice than you would if you had bought a top quality floor.

The Solid Wood Flooring Company only supply direct and do not sell other manufacturers products. This means low prices for the best quality boards. Examples of our pricing are below but always call for your personal quote, as ther.e are discounts available

Antique Oak Flooring £36.69 /m2 different finishes available

Brushed Oak Flooring for that natural look £36.60 /m2 lots of lengths and widths available

Oiled natural oak flooring £35.55 /m2 a huge range of widths and finishes available.

These prices are substantially less than most of the other companies in the market for the same finish and quality of wood especially the engineered floors.

Wood flooring is a big investment and should not be bought over the Internet, it is not a commodity or consumer product it is an investment for life and should be treated as such, so always call for free professional advice and feel secure in the knowledge that you have chosen the best floor for the situation. Call 01666 504015 or 07831 680206

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