5 Reasons Why Our Flooring Is Perfect For Commercial Interior Design

Posted By Solidwood Company

At The Solid Wood Flooring Company, our principles have always been the same since we started: high-quality products, good service and competitive pricing. We must continue to innovate our offering for the interior design community, as it’s always been in our roots.

During our Founder Martyn Ryder’s time in development, refurbishing Grade I and II listed properties, it became clear there was no wood flooring competitively priced that met the needs of the conversion. Inspired by a lack of homegrown products and the quality of cheap imports, we spent several years researching and developing the top-quality engineered flooring we offer today. 

Fast forward to today, and we’re proud to offer a limitless range of colours and finishes to perfectly fit any project. We take the lead in using new techniques and technology to develop high-quality British products that interior designs can pick up and play with.  

Here are five reasons why our flooring is perfect for commercial interior design projects:

1. By designers, for designers

Since day one, we’ve worked closely with architects, contractors, fitters and interior designers. By doing this, we design and manufacture our wood floors to exact specifications using only the latest, state-of-the-art adhesives, finishes and technology. Many of our products have evolved from designers asking us to develop specific flooring to bring their artistic vision to life. 

Having interior designers on board means we’ve been able to design 150 different styles of timber flooring made with interior design in mind. Adhesives, finishing oils, maintenance products and underlay are all add-ons we currently offer to help interior designers plan for projects.

2. Sustainable interior design

Sustainability is in our DNA. It’s why we’re committed to helping deliver long-lasting high-quality design with low environmental impact.

Working closely with interior designers, we use and repurpose all of the timber wood we buy. This allows us to make unique designs without compromising our commitment to bettering our planet. Using rustic grade materials, we create engineered boards via scouring and brushing to offer a reflective surface. 

We ensure our materials come from certified, sustainable and well-managed forests by working with the FSC®️ and PEFC™️. In addition, as part of our collaboration with Gone West, we plant three new trees for every one we cut down. All in all, we’re creating sustainable materials for sustainable interior design.

Antique Unfinished Engineered Wood  For Bubba Gump Co

3. Made to be multi-purpose

Commercial projects come with unique spaces to design. By investing in innovation, we afford interior designers new levels of imagination.

All of our engineered boards can be used for cladding walls or bar fronts to create atmosphere and transform spaces. By offering multi-purpose boards, interior designers can create cohesion and consistency by matching up the flooring with the walls and bar fronts. 

Over the years we’ve worked with high-profile restaurants like Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Company and Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse to hotels such as Spitbank Fort. All of these clients have used our products for multi-purposes to bring their projects to life.

4. Create cosy spaces with underfloor heating

Approaching interior design projects can be like piecing together puzzles. It’s about problem-solving. That’s why we value adding depth to our dynamic products. It’s why we recommend and supply underfloor heating. It allows interior designers to create warm and cosy spaces in large commercial properties.

Wood flooring is perfectly matched for underfloor heating as it’s natural and warm to touch. As a renewable source, it’s environmentally friendly. Not only does this help improve commercial projects efficiency, but it also helps reduce global warming adding to sustainable interior design.

5. High quality

Interior designers are often catering for commercial projects with high-traffic areas. So we make it easy for them from the start. Our range of wood flooring is more durable and lasts longer than before due to advancements in protective finishes. Our wood can be deep cleaned and sanded for new finishes, so our wood flooring significantly outlives other types.

Innovation is at the heart of our manufacturing process. It’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to using 5-layer technology to create high-quality commercial flooring. 100% waterproof, our non-slip surfaces require no underlay and come with simple installs to easily slide into designs fit for any commercial space.