5 Wood Flooring Trends of 2016.

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5 Wood Flooring Trends of 2016.

Our experts here at the Solid Wood Flooring Company monitor the latest wood flooring trends to ensure our product range reflects what our clients want, be it flooring colour, style or finish.

Below are our top five trends of 2016.


 1. Grey Oak Flooring

As our last blog previously mentioned, Grey floors are all the rage in Britain at the moment. So much so, that we have developed a brand new range of Grey coloured floors.

The cool colouring is popular with developers of high end apartments and customers looking to create light and airy environments within their living spaces.

One of our favourite Grey Oak floors is our TW-E390 Mixed Grade Silver Fern Grey Oak Flooring with a UV Oil Finish. Silver Fern boards are normally only available as mixed widths. We have 4 different widths available, however you must buy the different widths in equal amounts.


 2. Dark Oak Flooring

At the other end of the scale is Dark Oak floors. We have a huge range of these darker floors to suit any commercial or domestic environment.

Dark floors are superb at creating a subtle warmth in a room and really draw the eye when matched with light coloured furnishings and décor.

Our manufacturing processes mean scratches in dark wood floors do not show up as our methods penetrate colours deep into the boards and we finish the boards with industry leading oils to preserve the rich colours.

A highlight floor from this range is the E370 Dark Earth Oak Flooring, finished with UV Oil.


3.  Wider Width Flooring

Trends show wider width flooring is becoming more popular with developers of large residential developments, especially in London.

As a manufacturer we can adapt to these trends faster than other suppliers, and we recently developed the Rathbone range of wood flooring with the TW-E720 Wide Espresso Dark colour deep fumed oak flooring for a leading development in central London.

Wide floors work well on their own or paired with narrower boards to create beautiful, unique floors that are right on trend.


 4. Sustainable Wood Flooring

Sustainably sourced timber is a must for many people in today’s age. Wood flooring is the most environmentally friendly wood flooring type but there is little point in getting wood flooring from sources that aren’t sustainable as that impacts the environment just as badly.

The Solid Wood Flooring Company is proud to care for the environment and we ensure all the wood used in our floors is FSC and PEFC certified.

We are also proud supporters of the WWF’s Save Our Forests campaign and were awarded the top marks of three trees for our use of sustainable timber.


5.  Wood Flooring in Kitchens

The use of wood flooring in kitchens is increasing rapidly as customers realise it is a perfect alternative to vinyl or tiled floors.

Wood Flooring is actually far more durable than other flooring types and if looked after, even in busy environments like a kitchen, can last for a lifetime. Not just that, Wood flooring is more comfortable on your feet, easier to clean, warmer and can make your kitchen look bigger compared to tiled floors.

A recent example of how good wood flooring can look in a kitchen, especially in an open plan environment, see this Inspiration Gallery of our E110 Unfinished Oak in a Cotswold Home.


For more information any any of the latest Wood Flooring trends, please call our expert team on 01666 505015 or email info@thesolidwoodflooringcompany.com.