Actions and Consequences on wood flooring

Posted in Home By Solidwood Company

Buy cheap wooden flooring and suffer the consequences! A lot of people do not carry out the necessary research when looking at, installing or purchasing wood floors. Do not be misled by people who just want to sell the flooring. Buying a cheap wooden flooring and not having it fitted professionally will not cost lives but could cost you thousands of pounds.

We have heard some real horror stories, one example is where a builder was appointed to fit a floor over underfloor heating, not only did he do a poor job but installed the underlay upside down with the heating having no thermostat.

The client also washed the floor with a normal mop leaving a lot of water on the floor which went to the bottom of the floor but then had nowhere else to go but into the wood, this resulted in the floor expanding excessively and curling and lifting up because the reflective layer was against the floor and caused a steaming effect.

The client ended up having to replace the whole floor costing more than £20,000.00

The Solid Wood Flooring Company recommends dealing with professional companies and fitters to ensure a lifetime of a trouble free floor and always use the proper maintenance kits - We have some guidance on how to care for your wood flooring in our Technical Centre.