Rugs and Underfloor Heating

Posted By Solidwood Company

You should never put rugs or carpets on top of a wood floor where there is underfloor heating. This is a disaster waiting to happen because the heat is trapped beneath the rug, which will then create a “Hot Spot” under the rug.

The consequences of this means that the temperature of the wood will increase and if any moisture or humidity is present the floorboard will swell and expand and even ‘cup’ and twist. In an engineered board, you will get the layers delaminating as a result of the increased heat.

If you must have rugs make sure they are ones that will allow air circulation and not act as an insulator which is the case with most rugs and carpets. Rugs and Carpets are normally made from wool or hydrocarbon compounds (oil) and as such are insulators. They should never be used with underfloor heating.

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