Making Your Restaurant Appear Bigger Than It Is

Posted By Solidwood Company

If you wish your restaurant felt bigger than it is, fear not, there are many things you can do to help optimise the space you have.

We’ve compiled some tips that will amaze your diners, while helping them feel comfortable and satisfied in their surroundings.

Choose Your Lighting Carefully

Lighting is a great tool at your disposal to help make the space feel bigger. Things like upwards facing lights are really useful as they make the ceiling appear higher.

Also, directional lighting on specific tables is a good way to distinguish between a light and dark space. 

Opt For A Lighter Colour Scheme

Light coloured walls help open up the space, making it feel bigger and brighter. Teaming this with dark floors to add a sense of depth and a modern yet timeless feel too. 

Decorate The Walls Carefully

The colours you choose for your walls and what you put on them, will have a big impact on how big the room feels. 

Keep prints and photos minimal so it doesn’t feel cluttered. Mirrors work well in any space to make an interior feel bigger, so experiment with using large mirrors on one or two walls.

Think About The Seating Plan

Space seating out so it doesn’t feel cluttered. You could use different tables and chairs that are different sizes for a unique look. This may also allow you to fit more in but without making the space feel too cluttered.