Five of the most innovative uses for wood in 2017

Posted By Solidwood Company

Wood has long played an important role in the history of civilisation. We have used it for fuel, shelter, furniture, paper, weapons and much more. It has perhaps been something we humans have taken for granted over the years.

Without our beloved trees, we wouldn’t have the oxygen we oh so desperately need to survive. Which is why it is so important for both consumers and businesses to ensure all wood products is sourced from sustainable resources, meaning for every 1 tree cut down, at least 3 more or planted. Here at The Solid Wood Flooring Company, we are proud to be verified by the FSC and PEFC and follow the Timber Trade Federation’s responsible purchasing policy.

Some architects and designers have made it their mission to restore some of the fascination surrounding wood and timber and have gone against the grain by manufacturing some of the most innovative developments.

In this blog we have compiled 5 of our favourite developments from wooden materials.


  1. Giant bird nest in Kenya Safari

    This giant birds nest brings a new meaning to rural living, allowing visitors to sleep above the safari resort. It is designed to sleep 2 guests, but could also host a family or more adventurous guests on the top deck.

    Giant bird  Giant bird

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  2. Bridgehouse in Canada spans over Forest Floor

    Peruvian architecture firm Llama Urban Design has built a wooden house that connects two sides of a tree-covered valley in Ontario, forming a bridge over the ravine below. The entire construction uses only local woods, and the project was awarded first prize at the Ontario Wood Design Awards 2016.

    Bridgehouse in Canada  Bridgehouse in Canada

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  3. Proposed 80-story Wooden Skyscraper in Chicago

    A project proposal in Chicago shows the continued fascination, and investment, in a new generation of wood towers. In a city lined with path breaking towers and skyscrapers, the River Beech project, if it comes to fruition, may earn its own chapter in the history of Chicago architectural marvels. That’s because this proposed 80-story tower, a joint research project between Cambridge University, Perkins & Will, and Thornton Tomasetti would be a tall wooden tower, a landmark in the accelerating development of high-tech timber as a new type of 21st century building material.

    80-story wooden skyscraper  80-story wooden skyscraper

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  4. Mass timber office building in North Portland

    The 16,000-square-foot speculative office building is a love letter to mass timber construction that proudly utilises prefabricated elements as finishing materials. The speculative nature of the four-story office building forced the designers to be “very, very deliberate about architectural moves,” according to Thomas Robinson, founding principal at Lever Architecture.

    Mass Timber Office Building North Portland  Mass Timber Office Building North Portland

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  5. Hawaiian Cabin designed for Life Outdoors

    Oregon-based architect Erin Moore has completed a tropical getaway in Hawaii that consists of two pavilions sited on either edge of a 300-year-old solidified lava formation. Situated at a high altitude on the island of Maui, with a cooler climate than the city below, Outside House is used by the client as a retreat for short periods of time.

    Hawaiian Cabin Outdoors  Hawaiian Cabin Outdoors

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