Flooring to suit all projects

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Flooring to suit all projects

The Solid Wood Flooring Company has worked on a huge amount of projects and worked closely with Designers, Architects, Contractors and Developers to create the ideal flooring solution for their project.

The Solid Wood Flooring Company has obtained a wealth of experience and thanks to our specialist knowledge we have produced a diverse range of floors. Below we explore some of our favourite floors which are suitable for a wide range of projects. 


Parquet Flooring

We have three different types of parquet in our range, engineered block, solid block and engineered panels. There are a multitude of styles within each construction type. our handmade Parquet panels can be created to any design using different materials like Walnut, Maple, Oak and Coloured oil pieces to make unique floors for specific projects.  Additionally, as a UK based manufacturer we can make bespoke wood flooring for you, subject to minimum quantities of 500 m2. Take a look at our full range here.


Parquet flooring


Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring is made in many different ways. Engineered floors mean that the Oak, Walnut or Maple top layer has been glued to a backing board for stability and sustainability. We are able to obtain more than four times more flooring from the same tree enabling us to save precious resource and help the environment. Engineered wood flooring was used for one of your clients, you can see the case study here.


Engineered Flooring


Antique Reclaimed Wood Floors

Like so many natural materials, the appearance of oak improves over time as the grain of the wood and the natural knots and markings within it become more pronounced. It can take many years for oak flooring to reach this well-worn, distressed stage, but through unique manual scraping and brushing techniques, we can speed up the process and create boards that look just like reclaimed antique oak.

The Solid Wood Flooring Company offers a wide range of beautifully crafted antique oak flooring to bring a luxurious, old world feel to any domestic or commercial interior and our engineered antique oak boards can be made in shades of natural, smoked and burnt oak.

Our antique oak wood flooring is approved by the listed planning office and has been used by architects and designers for numerous projects in Grade I and Grade II-listed properties.

We can develop a range of wood floors to meet your requirements for top quality finishes, at a value engineered price. If you’d like to learn more then please get in touch here.