Quality of Life Foundation publishes framework for homes that provide better quality of life

Posted By Solidwood Company

The Quality-of-Life Foundation has launched a framework that seeks to address the changes that the development industry can make to make sure that homes are ‘acquired, planned, constructed and managed to actively provide a better quality of life for everyone’. Furthermore, this framework identifies how improvements to our homes and communities can improve our quality of live.
Quality Of Life - Wood Flooring
The framework consists of six different factors – control, health, nature, wonder, movement and belonging. It sets out practical steps on how communities, developers and their designers, and local authorities “can create better places for people to live by placing greater emphasis on health and wellbeing”. You can learn more about this framework here.

 Impervia Flooring Used In RetroFit Projects

At The Solid Wood Flooring Company we understand the need in the UK to create and provide better quality homes. One of the ways we’re actively looking to make a difference is by carrying out more retrofitting (or RetroFirst) projects. This is where a building is repurposed instead of it needing to be demolished and rebuilt. Not only does retrofitting save costs it also saves time and lowers carbon emissions. On top of this, retrofitting a building will improve its energy efficiency and decrease energy demand enabling the building to be more cost-effective for the owner. You can learn more about this here.