Planting trees with Minchinhampton Golf Club

Posted By Solidwood Company

Sustainability is in our DNA. Our mission of sustaining our planet home's future forms part of the principles we operate on. Whilst we continue to forge ahead and find innovative ways to move forward the flooring industry, we also look for new ways to strengthen our commitment to creating sustainable practices. 

Planting over 50 trees with Minchinhampton Golf Club

In our continued efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and supply sustainable wood flooring, we teamed up with Minchinhampton Golf Club.

As part of this, we funded the planting of over 50 mixed oak and beech trees. The project required larger more mature trees, in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the Cotswolds.

We happily partner with ventures that encourage the protection and impact we make to the environment by planting trees and giving back what we take.

Sustainable living starts with sustainable flooring

By choosing to repurpose a building rather than demolishing it, you’re not only offering a solution to the climate change crisis but creating sustainable living environments.

Aiming to reduce personal and societal environmental impact, sustainable living promotes positive changes to counteract clime change. Sustainable living encourages us to minimise our use of the Earth’s resources, and reduce the damage of human and environmental interactions.

Whilst there is no perfect picture of sustainable living or a blueprint for achieving zero net living, there are steps we can all take. For us, sustainable living starts with sustainable design, which will always need sustainable flooring. If you’ve got a project coming up, help our commitment to sustaining our planet’s future by choosing a sustainable design. 

You can learn more about our promise to develop sustainable flooring for sustainable living here.