The Best Flooring For Hotels

Posted By Solidwood Company

When it comes to picking the best flooring for your Hotel it needs to be durable, safe and attractive. You want it to serve its purpose whilst still looking amazing. 

Solid wood flooring is a brilliant option for some of the larger spaces in the Hotel where you want to impress your guests with quality of flooring. A wood floor can really add to the space and make it feel much more luxurious. It’s a timeless option, visually appealing and makes for a great entrance piece.

the best flooring for hotels


Another option worth consideration is luxury Vinyl flooring which meets the criteria of being durable, hardwearing and affordable. With a range of styles, it is an extremely hygienic option as it’s easy to clean and it’s also really easy to fix. Vinyl flooring is normally scratch resistant but if it ever did get damaged the process of fixing it is fairly simple as you only have to remove the damaged section and replace that rather than having to replace the whole floor. There’s also limitless design options when looking at vinyl flooring meaning it can mimic a costlier flooring such as wood, stone or tiles meaning you get the appealing look for half the price.

Impervia Flooring ideal for hotels

So when it comes to considering the best flooring solution for your Hotel Solid wood screams luxury and vinyl flooring exudes quality.