The Interior Designers Secret Weapon: The New Italian Renaissance Collection

Posted By Solidwood Company

There has been a lot of excitement around our new Italian Renaissance collection, with experts alike branding this the new secret to interior design elegance. 

Taking inspiration from the great artists of the Italian Renaissance era such as Michelangelo and Leonardo Di Vinci, this collection uses old fashioned Italian sophistication and love of art to provide you with the perfect finishing touch to your project. 

The collection draws on our experiences of working on developments with Interior Designers, and we wanted to provide an insight in historic Italy, where it was the wealthy families of the 1400’s that had the power to commission fine homes and art. Being an Industry Partner with the British Institute of Interior Design has enabled us to identify what our client needs because of the unique insights we get as part of our partnership. 

This is our statement collection, already making a high impact across the industry. We are proud to offer extremely stylish solutions for any mansion, home or even Castle. Whatever the Interior Design Project may be, the collection lends itself as you have the flexibility to create your own design using different finished herringbone blocks in any combination you like. Our most bespoke and exclusive offering yet, this really does offer individuality in droves.

You can view the collection by visiting our Italian Renaissance page, we hope this has given you some inspiration for updating your space. Order your free sample today to get started on brining your ideas to life.


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