Upcycling Ideas For Your Home

Posted By Solidwood Company

You’ve probably heard of upcycling- it’s something that’s anywhere and everywhere. Whether you’re a novice or master craftsman, there are loads of things you can try out in and around the home.


Lighting is probably one of the most common ways to upcycle. Wine bottles and mason jars can make really effective lights, hung from the ceiling.


Tin cans can be used to store pens or cutlery, whilst mason jars can also be filled with all sorts. 

Flower vases

Any kind of glass bottles or jars, once washed out, can be used as a vase for flowers anywhere in your home. 


Try lying a plate of glass over a wooden pallet and you’ve got yourself a unique coffee table, complete with room inside for magazines. 

The possibilities are endless for upcycling. See what you’ve got lying around the house that you don’t need anymore and see if you could turn it into something else.