Using WOCA Oils to treat wooden floors.

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Using WOCA Oils to treat your floors.

All our Natural Oiled Prefinished boards have WOCA Master Oil Natural applied at the factory. The WOCA oxidising Master oil is a penetrating wood oil system. The master oil actually penetrates the surface, compared to other oils, surface oil and lacquer type building systems. The master oil actually cures within the wood, hardens and protects the floor leaving a beautiful natural open pore surface.

WOCA master oil treatment oils were the obvious choice for the very high traffic Eurostar project in St Pancras which was opened by the Queen in November 2007. WOCA master oils were chosen because of the worldwide reputation of successfully treated high traffic projects including Copenhagen Airport, where nearly 20,000 square meters were laid and then treated with WOCA Master oils over 25 years ago. This has been maintained ever since with the WOCA oils, and the floor still looks magnificent.

Treating our unfinished Oak Boards, for the natural look just use the WOCA natural master oil. For a White sanded look board you should use the Master White oil. If you want a Sanded Look White Board on our unfinished boards then you have two solutions to create the “as sanded (but treated) look”. You could either use the White Master Oil, or if your think this is too light then simply mix 50/50 White oil with natural.


WOCA Master Oil Application - The application procedures are simple, and the master oil is applied to a pre sanded floor (80/120 grit abrasion). All our unfinished boards have this finish. If the floor is dirty, or with markings made by the flooring fitters then you should first treat the floor with WOCA wood cleaner, because if the marked dirty floor is oiled, the dirt will be locked in the floor, during curing.

You need to shake the can (to mix the white pigments if using the white oil) and apply to the floor with WOCA White master oil (or the 50/50 white/natural mix if you do not want it so white) with a buffing machine and with an oil soaked cotton cloth wrapped around the buffing pad. Leave for 10 minutes to ensure the oil soaks into the wood and penetrates the surface, and apply a few spots of master oil on the floor, and buff in with two x 150mm WOCA Patina discs applied via the Velcro backing to the Tan buffing pad, and buff in the oil. The WOCA Patina discs are a very fine abrasive surface of 2,000 + grit abrasion and when used, increases the temperature of the oil and mechanically forces the oil into the wood to ensure the 100% saturation, and at the same time de nibs the standing wood fibres from the surface, and polishes the floor to a near glass smooth finish.

The finished result is superb and the very best possible for a high traffic area such as a retail shop, or public space. The floor, as well as having the highest quality with properties for wear and high traffic, looks superb with a natural open pore appearance. The above Patina discs procedure was used at Eurostar and we are confident that the floor will last in excess of 50 years even with all the high traffic.

Go and see it for yourself at St Pancreas Railway Station.