Creating the Perfect Wood Floor Finishes

Posted By Solidwood Company

Here at the Solid Wood Flooring Company, we are experts at creating the very finest wood flooring. One of the most crucial elements to the perfect wood floor is the finish. We finish our boards by hand here in our factory so we can vouch for the quality.

There are a number of ways to finish a wood floor. One way is by using Natural oil, which isn’t cured by heat or by UV lamps. Natural Oil needs oxygen to cure and harden as we only use natural plant oils and Timberex oils which are toy and child safe.

The oil is applied by soft rollers and run slowly through the finishing line to cure naturally before we stack the boards to allow them to be fully dried and cured before packing.

Hard Wax oils can take longer to dry because they contain carnauba waxes, whereas natural plant oils, especially the new Heavy Duty Plus oil from Timberex will dry and cure much more quickly leaving the smooth wood with a silky texture and brushed boards with a beautiful enhanced finish.

Natural and Hard Wax Oils penetrate the wood's cell structure helping to keep it natural looking and also very well protected.

We can also apply coloured natural oils online like our E736 which has the Timberex Dark Walnut Oil applied. This means that the colour goes all the way down into the cell structure and can easily be maintained and repaired using the same oil after installation, even after a few years.

For high traffic areas such as nightclubs or hotels, this is important as corridors will get worn leaving the outside still looking new. By using oils we can just re-oil the worn parts making them look new again.

Maintenance of oiled floors is easy and in fact over time will be less costly than having to sand and re-lacquer floors.

For more information on any aspect of the wood flooring manufacturing process, visit our Technical Centre or call our experts on 01666 504015.