Wood Flooring can last a Lifetime

Posted By Solidwood Company

Do not let this blog put you off buying a wood floor. We are here to help and all this blog does is point out some of the major pitfalls that can occur to the inexperienced wood flooring buyer. Too many companies on the Internet just want to sell the flooring and walk away; this is not how the Solid Wood Flooring Company does things. A good quality wood floor will last a lifetime! Why buy and install an inferior product that you may have to replace after only a few years.

The costs in paying say £3 /m2 to £8 /m2 more for a floor is negligible when considering the cost of replacing a floor along with the inconvenience and stress.

Do not buy on price alone, if you buy cheap it could end up costing you 4 times as much. The common problems with cheap floors and those fitted by ‘cowboys’ or DIY enthusiasts are:

 - Lifting Floors

 - Delaminating of the top layer on engineered boards

 - Patchy wear of the finish, you may recall seeing grubby floors in shops where the lacquer has worn away

 - Pitted surfaces

 - Boards curling up at the edges

 - Floors that have pushed brick walls out due to incorrect installation and even in some instances knocked the wall over

 - Floors that balloon upwards due to not leaving a sufficient gap around the edge

 - Poor surface finish so that after you have laid the floor you get dirt and water ingress

 - Floors sounding hollow

These are just a few of the events that can happen in fact there are too many horror stories to mention just call us for friendly professional advice on 01666 504015