American Walnut makes a beautiful wood floor with its hue and grain variation. It is quite absorbent, so will soak up oil finishes and will look “dry”, this is normal for walnut.

With our walnut flooring the choice is yours on how you want the finish to look

You can create a glossy finish with Lacquer but this sits on top of the wood rather than penetrating the cell structure and keeps a natural look. It will also scratch, the only way to repair this is to re-sand. With oiled walnut it is easy to maintain and easy to repair.

The image below shows the walnut being fitted by our expert installers who we can introduce to any of our clients.

As you can see the surface is very matt, which is normal. Some people will like this and others will want a more satin shiny look. To increase the shine a little, you would apply some thin maintenance oil with the proper professional equipment, which you can find here and buy online here!

For a higher satin finish look you can use a buffing machine and satin hard wax oil, which will take time to dry but it will give that extra protection and bring out the grain and colour of the walnut. The images below show the floor after this has just been applied during the installation of the chevron.

Installation of the chevron
Grain and colour of the walnut

The American Black Walnut Flooring installed in this country house has underfloor heating in a sand and cement screed. The walnut flooring had been acclimatised whilst the underfloor heating was on and then installed after 7 days. The underfloor heating gradually dried out the hard wax oil factory finish as is to be expected. After 4 weeks, the floor was thoroughly cleaned with the professional wood floor cleaning product Blanchon Natural Soap, this is specially designed to clean any wooden floor as it is PH neutral.

To see our range of American Black Walnut Flooring and order free samples please click here.

In fact you can use this to clean lacquered floors as well as stone floors. We recommend using the lacquered wood floor cleaning kit from Cotswold Home & Garden. The Natural Soap does not leave streaks so you get a perfectly clean floor.

The floor then had a coat of the new heavy duty plus oil applied which has UV inhibitors to help protect the beautiful colour of a walnut floor. In normal circumstances this floor will last a lifetime and will just need cleaning with Natural soap if it gets dirty or with just a soft duster. You can buy a floor cleaning kit from us which has renewable pads for this operation. The pictures show the transformation that just one coat of heavy duty plus oil made to the look for the floor.


We were asked by Canary Wharf to supply and fit out our 220mm wide walnut flooring which is a mixed grade ABCD. However they wanted a more select floor which we were able to do by supplying 20% to 25% more than required to create a stunning near virtual Prime Black American Walnut floor at a fraction of the cost.

A lot of other trades were also completing work at the site including the fit out of show apartments for the Wood Wharf Development. This meant that the floor had to be covered to protect the surface.

The product was our E515 which is a 15mm thick oiled walnut. As you can see even after covering there was still a lot of dust and dirt on the surface after the protection was removed. This is normal at such sites where machining of timber and ceramics has to be undertaken to complete installations of bathrooms, living areas, bedrooms and kitchens.


The images below show the difference after the floor has been cleaned and then a coat of oil applied. This process is simple for a professional experienced fitter and not costly.

The natural light really shows the beauty of American Black Walnut Flooring and by using a skilled professional fitter the boards are selected during installation so that they blend in to create the stunning floor you see here.

The product installed here is our 220mm wide, 2200mm long, 15 mm thick ABCD grade engineered walnut where you can see fitted pictures of the product without the selection process used in this Case Study.

Here you can see our B445 Antique Carbonised Bamboo fitted in a designer clothing retail outlet.

This unique bamboo floor was chosen due to its natural strength, luxurious depth of colour which was achieved by carbonising.  With a gentle undulation to the surface of the bamboo to provide grip and an aged textural feel.  Finished with natural oil for a traditional look.

The pictures below show our beautiful TW-E933 Antique Chevron Parquet floor fitted in a period sitting room of a London Townhouse. The floor was chosen by Laura Stephens of Laura Stephens Design. You can view the Laura Stephens website here

Laura wanted to create a reception space but very much for ‘adults’, and explained further that, “A friend had used your flooring before which I’d seen and loved.  I wanted something with a subtle grey wash but not cold – so many samples were very grey and the warmth of the wood didn’t come through.”

“I love parquet but felt I’d seen a lot of it and the chevron style looked more contemporary yet suited a period room. It’s beautiful as it doesn’t overwhelm the room and is understated. The walls were painted with Designers Guild ‘Cool Marble’ paint which works so well with the tone of the floor.”

Antique Fumed Chevron Parquet Engineered Wood Flooring 60 degree chevron oiled finish

Originally specified for phase two of the Battersea Power Station project we are now fitting this in Parker Tower Convent Garden London. Ramos Catarino are the fit out contractor and because this is a small chevron with a 60 degree angle they are using our professional fitters.

These are apartments and site conditions are always difficult because of the number of different trades working at the same time.

The finish of all our engineered wood flooring is resilient enough to withstand this and all that is needed is a good clean using the latest soap oils. The images below show the different areas and stage of the installation.

The edges of each piece are slightly antiqued and the surface is brushed to add texture.

Setting out is the most the most crucial part of any installation. These site conditions are not perfect and there is still painting to be done and electrical work. In normal circumstances this would not be advisable but when large projects require a fit-out schedule to be met we are left with little choice. Please do not do it this way if it is your home.

The following images show our Antique Oak fitted in the Spitbank Fort Hotel. Matching timber was used around the bar area to create a stunning front, adding to the Antique ambience of the room.

To view more images of Spitbank Fort, or for more information please follow the link below;

The following images show our Antique Oak fitted in the Spitbank Fort Hotel. Matching timber was used around the bar area to create a stunning front, adding to the Antique ambience of the room.

Spitbank Fort was originally built in 1878 and was part of a group of forts designed to defend the mouth of the Solent. As of April 2012, Spitbank Fort, has been owned by Clarenco LLP, and has been renovated for use as a luxury spa hotel and retreat with nine bedroom suites.

This project created challenging circumstances for wood flooring because the structure is metal and is over 130 years old. Surrounded by sea creating high, fluctuating humidity and the structure was round so most of the boards had to be re-manufactured to fit. There were height restrictions because there were numerous arches creating low points and all the services had to be laid on the existing substrate thus raising the finished floor level to accommodate them.

Despite those challenging circumstances PLC Architects created a stunning design and by using the antique flooring captures a wonderful feel of history and elegance.

The designers who did the Army museum refurbishment used our band saw CH E780 wide board 240mm to clad the walls. The images below show where they were installed.

You can clad ceilings and walls with our engineered wood flooring as long as a special coat of fire-retardant finish is applied. The CH E780 is finished with a commercial UV cured special oil that is more like a lacquer but very mat.

Please see below for the product used on this project and call us on  01666 504015 for any other information