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An Oiled Wooden Floor that is sticky 

If you have an Oiled Wooden Floor that feels sticky on the top surface and shows up marks and scuffs, you can remedy the situation easily with the correct products.
When excess oil is left on the surface the oxygen in the air cures the surface leaving it sticky and easily marked.  This is a common problem that strongly indicates that some excess oil was still present on the surface of the wood flooring after oiling.
How to Fix a Sticky Oiled Wooden Floor:

Note – Before trying this yourself, we recommend you call our experts on 01666 504 015 to check the best procedure in your unique situation.
1 – Apply a 50/50 mix of Timberex Oil & Wax Remover and lukewarm water to your floor.  Use a well wrung out mop or cloth so as not to over wet the boards and leave to soak in for 5-10 minutes.
2 – Buff the surface of the floor carefully using a red buffing pad.  This will remove the residue from the floor.
Advice - In extreme situations you may require a coarse brown buffing pad (please check with us prior to using such a pad) or to repeat steps 1-4 several times.
3 – Remove any excess solution or ‘gunk’ from the boards using a mop or clean lint-free cloth.
4 – Clean the floor twice using a solution of 125ml Timberex Bio-C and 5 litres of lukewarm water.  Again use a well wrung out mop so as not to over wet the floor.  Allow to dry fully overnight. (Leave at least one hour for drying if repeating steps 1-4 in extreme cases).
5 – In order to ensure a strong finish to your floor, it is best to apply a new coat of oil.  Depending on your finish you will need to apply either a coat of Timberex Heavy Duty UV Plus oil or Timberex Satin Oil.  

For more information on applying this coating of oil, please see our guide: Maintain Oiled Wood Floors
For more information on caring for your wood floor or discuss any issues you may be having with wood flooring please call our experts on 01666 504 015 or email