Wood Flooring Adhesive

Product Code: SW-890

Wood Flooring Adhesive
Wood Flooring Adhesive
Wood Flooring Adhesive

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Trowel Applied High Quality Flooring Adhesive Developed for Our Timber Flooring.

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The SW890 adhesive is an Elastic adhesive with a movement accommodation factor (MAF) of approximately 300% of the adhesive bed thickness. As such it distributes and lowers all shear stresses caused by expansion and contraction across the entire surface area of the adhesive, thus avoiding high stress peaks which normally form at the edges of boards with rigid adhesives causing premature failure. In this way the Elastic SW890 will withstand excessive movement and stress caused by changing climatic conditions throughout the seasons.

SW 890 is a high quality wood floor adhesive for bonding timber floors to all common substrates. This adhesive maintains an elastic hold to accommodate the differential movement associated with changing climatic conditions.

SW 890's formulation is completely water & solvent free, this eliminates the possibility of timber planks warping or cupping due to VOC's. With an open time of approximately 60 minutes this product is also ideal for use in large areas.

Coverage approx - 10m2 Weight - 14kgs

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