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Cleaning and Maintenance for Oiled and UV Oiled Wood Flooring

Cleaning your Oiled or UV Oiled wood floor has never been easier. In our Professional Cleaning Kit you’ll have everything you need. Included in the kit is a Utility Caddy – a double trough carrier allows you to easily move your soap solution and rinse water as you clean the floor. The Superdry Plus mop is a robust tool with a durable sponge and a convenient handle for squeezing out any excess water before cleaning the floor. Blanchon Natural Soap is amongst the best wood floor cleaning products on the market, dilute it hot water to not only clean your floor but also nourish it; doing this regularly will greatly lengthen the time between maintenance cycles.

To repair oiled wood flooring, simply cleaning with a strong solution of Blanchon Natural Soap can work wonders, for more effect, apply Blanchon Maintenance Oil after cleaning to hide any noticeable scratches.

With the cleaning kit, all items can be replaced separately, but you should only ever need to get more Blanchon Natural Soap (which is available in 1L or 5L tubs), the sponge can also be bought separately if required.

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You’ll need a high-quality sponge mop and two buckets (usually available at your local supermarket) then use a diluted solution of Blanchon Natural Soap

For more information please see the relevant care guide below or watch the video on the right to see the products in action;

Oiled & UV Care Guide