Dark Oak Flooring

FSC® Certified Dark Oak Flooring Manufacturer

Our extensive range of dark oak flooring is sustainably sourced and FSC certified. Suitable for both domestic and commercial use and with engineered boards they are also suitable for use with under floor heating.

We can supply any quantity of our floor ranges, if we don’t have the right wood flooring for your requirements, as a UK based manufacturer we can make bespoke wood flooring for you, subject to minimum quantities of 500 m2.

Please browse our wood flooring ranges online and add free samples to your basket or call 01666 504015 to discuss a project and obtain floor estimating advice.


Dark Oak wood flooring is created in many way and some examples are listed below:

Fumed Oak Floors: you can see full details of how we fume our oak floors in the Fumed Oak section here. Colour variation can be reduced by using coloured oils when finishing the boards which also makes repairing them easier.

Stained Oak Flooring: this is where reactive stains from Blanchon, or chemical treats are used to colour the floor. These are generally more robust than water based stain which will scratch away easily, showing the white oak below.

Coloured Oil Oak Flooring: Coloured oil container pigments which will change the colour of the natural oak. These are perfect because you just use the same colourer wood oil to repair them as and when necessary, If you want a really dark Black coloured wood floor you can use Blanchon aquatainte which stains the wood first using a chemical process and you then use Black Hard Wax oil. For very White wood floor you can use the Blanchon Acrylic stain which makes it really white and then finish with a white Hard Wax oil. Using these methods to colour Oak wood flooring is the best way because they look great, and are easy to maintain.

We can make any coloured wood floor to match your décor or wall panels including veneers on wardrobes and cabinets. There is a minimum volume of at least 500 m2. Alternatively use one of our unfinished Oak wood floors and we can advise on the best method to create that perfect matching dark oak floor.

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