Italian Renaissance

Parquet and parquetry, which is inlaid small pieces of wood originate from ancient times. 

The history

Herringbone flooring was used in ancient Rome and in Egyptian jewellery before that. Chevon parquet flooring also started it origins in ancient Roma but came to prominence in the 16th century in many of Europe’s palaces.

You can still see old Roman roads that were built using these methods.

The Renaissance began in Florence around 1400. Prosperity in banking and trade created a strong economy. There was a lot of building activity. The Medici, Pitti, and Strozzi families possessed the money to commission fine homes and great works of art. They also fostered the study of classicism, which produced enthusiasm for Ancient Roman art and architecture.

Rome became an artistic centre where popes and wealthy families commissioned architecture and art. There were great accomplishments in both art and science. It was also the time of several great artists including Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo.

Our flooring

Our herringbone and chevron parquet flooring solutions are perfect for any location, from restaurant’s to homes, castles and mansions.

Our collection is based on our experiences working with the best interior designers and being an Industry Partner with the British Institute of Interior Design helps us to understand what our clients need.

We have a large selection of sizes and tones of parquet flooring with chevron and herringbone flooring starting at 70mm x 350mm up to any size our clients request.

You can create your own design using different finished Herringbone blocks as seen below or call us on 01666 504015.


Our Leonardo collection starts at the high end with a Chevron in two widths that fits together.

260mm wide x 817mm long 60 degree fitted with every other piece being 90mm x 817. These are fumed and finished with our commercial UV cured oils.
(images will come later)

The Medici Collection uses different herringbone parquet blocks installed together to create a stunning floor that is different.

The images below show 3 variations on a theme using our 70mm x 350mm engineered parquet blocks, one with a natural oak colour and the other fumed.

Variation One

Variation Two

Variation Three


You can create you own design using different finished herringbone blocks in any combination you like.

Italian Collection is more traditional and narrow boards were very popular as well as chevron and herringbone parquet wood flooring.

We have our prime black American walnut chevron shown below which is 90mm x 450mm long


Below are straight narrow boards 90mm wide in our natural unfinished look.    


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