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SPC Rigid Luxury Vinyl Tiles Stone and Marble effect.

Our rigid luxury vinyl tiles are square edged like the real stone and marble tiles but at a much lower price. These are not cheap version of vinyl tile as the thickness is 5mm with a commercial finish and an IXPE back 1.5mm thick. The backing cushions the floor so that it feels warm and softer to walk on than real stone. Glasses and plates will not break so easily as they will on a normal stone floor, and the click system means it is very quick and easy to fit with no need for any adhesives. These tiles can be installed over underfloor heating and you do not have to worry about the moisture levels of the subfloor as long as it is flat to SR1.They can be installed directly onto old tiles or old floorboards as long as they are “sound” and the floor is stable.

Why Choose our SPC Vinyl Flooring Tiles :

Best prices on the market for comparable quality, latest push click technology and natural textured surface. The stone composite also has fibreglass to create a stable rigid plank, and because of the width and lengths it looks more natural unlike narrower shorter pieces which is commonly found in vinyl flooring.

We currently have 4 colours on offer as below: 


Välinge 5GI Single Action Installation System

An integrated locking tongue is pushed inwards when the next panel is folded down. As the panel reaches it’s final position, the tongue flexes back and into the wedge groove on the folded panel, thereby locking it in the vertical direction.

Välinage 5GI Locking Technology

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