Blanchon Aquateinte 2K

Product Code: 05110369

Blanchon Aquateinte 2K

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2-component, water-based polyurethane stain.

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Exceptional depth of colour

Can be directly recocated with all water-based finishes

White concept finish®: white or pearl grey

All colours can be mixed together

Ideal for odourless water-based protection: stain + (primer) + finish

Interior use


Ideal for wood floors and large surface areas

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  • Suitable for Under Floor Heating
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Its easy-to-apply formula and the depth of its colours make it ideal for large surface areas, wood floors in particular. It is self-fixing therefore it can be directly recoated with any finishing product, including water-based ones: lacquer, oil, hard waxoil, wax - a genuine major technical innovation! The Aquateinte™ 2K with Blanchon Prim'Aquateinte™ creates a unique system, White Concept®, which can achieve a white (or light white) finish on tannic woods, which often, discharge, leaving spots on the finished floor. Aquateinte™ 2K can be used on all types of wood floor, stairs, woodwork, furniture and panelling and on all types of wood.
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