Blanchon Belmont

Product Code: 09101707

Blanchon Belmont

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Extremely high build 2-component 100% polyurethane waterbourne lacquer.


Optimum resistance: its three-dimensional chemical structure makes it the top-performing two-component renovation lacquer for wood floors

Recommended for parquet and wood floors subject to extremely heavy use

For all heavy-traffic areas where strong odours are unwelcome: schools, shops, public buildings, offices, etc

Exceptionally fast-drying, allowing resumption of use within 5 days

Tannin blocker

Excellent build properties

Revitalises the colour of the wood, giving it a warm tone


Fire rating CflS1

Excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals

Quick drying

Special equipment is required (basin, roller, brush)

Can be applied directly with 3 coats, or in 2 coats on Prim'Sealer, Prim'Gold® or Fond Dur S.O. primers

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Exceptional resistance to wear, ideal for wood floors subject to very heavy foot traffic.