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We are open for business as usual with our transport company still delivering direct to door or site. Our IT systems allow us to work from home so our staff are protected. Please call or email us for samples or orders. Our factories are back to full capacity and the supply chain is operating effectively which can be seen here. As a trade supplier we have a minimum requirement of 50m2 for any samples and supplies. Please call if you require less.
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Wall Panels from Reclaimed Timber

FSC® Certified

NO free samples. The sample wall panels can be seen in the London Showroom only. These are made from ancient timber house in Asia, reclaimed wood from storm damage and also old wooden ships including Junks.


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If we don’t have it we can make it for you, subject to minimum quantities OF 500 m2

For centuries, the British ruled the waves with our timber made warships. These were from English Oak which eventually devastated our forests. To Nelson Flagship HMS Victory took 1,000 (one thousand) English Oak trees. These old oaks had to be mature trees at least 150 years old.

The majority of our wooden ships passed away more than millennium ago. Now we obtain all our reclaimed old ship timbers from the far east where there were thousands of Junks until recent times. These are lying around the shores of north and south-east Asia and it is from those old ships timber that we source our reclaimed wall panels.

These are not stock items and have to be pre-ordered with an 8 to 12-week lead time. The reason is that we do not want to waste this precious resource.

Samples are only made to order.

For information on how to order and for a limited bespoke service please call 01666 504105
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