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Colouring Oak Flooring

There are many methods used to create different colours in wood floors and the main ones we use are listed below. The reaction of oak to any treatment will depend on the species and where it was grown. For example oak grown south of latitude 50 degrees will mature more quickly than oak grown in the extreme north under harsher climatic conditions. This means more knots and generally darker tannins, especially nearer 40 degrees north. French oak for example is normally darker than oak that grows in northern Germany. European oaks tend to be darker than white oak grown in North America or Siberia or North Eastern Asia. The UK, due to the gulf stream and its mild climate has different tannins than other areas.
Active Stains: These are water based and non corrosive stains that react with the tannins in the oak to create varied greys and tones with colour variation. You can see more in the Technical section and also in the Timberex section
Chemical Stains: We do not to use these as sometimes it can create emissions and it is not nature's solution, they can also be corrosive to enable the creation of certain colours.
Water Based Stains: These use pigments in water which when applied opens the cell structure of the grain so that the stains can be absorbed, the water then evaporates leaving the pimentation in the cell structure. This is not the best method as deep scratches in the floor can show up white or oak coloured. The finish is normally lacquer on these and once worn away will become dirty as the oak’s cell, structure will absorb water and moisture and dirt which is what you see in old pubs and other places where the sealed surface has deteriorated.  

brushed black oak floor

Timberex Aqua Finishes:  This is a water based PU finishing system that gives depth of colour. We have created the primary colours which when mixed together will create an infinite range of colours. Please see the Finishing Colours section on the web site for more information   (add the colours attached here)

Timberex Aqua Plus Black
Timberex Aqua Plus Blue
Timberex Aqua Plus Oxide Yellow
Timberex Aqua Plus Red
Timberex Aqua Plus White
Timberex Aqua Plus Yellow

Fuming and Smoking: This is a sealed chamber treatment using nature's own materials to change the tannins in the wood
Carbonising: This is simliar to creating charcoal but is a very specialised finish using extreme heat and removing all the moisture from the top layer without destroying the cell structure. You can see how this is done in our Creating Colours section. Alternatively, you can find out more about the variations in colour that Carbonising can produce.

Carbonised Oak floor in Dressing Room

Coloured Oils: This is where we add natural colour pigments to natural plant oils so that the oil penetrates the cell structure of the Oak and creates a colour which will be dependent on the species of Oak. For example Timberex dark walnut oil will look different on a white oak compared to a European oak. White oil has less of a whitening effect on European oaks, whereas white oak from the very north regions will have a very light warm white colour using the same coloured oils. Coloured oiled floors are very easy to repair all you do is just re-oil using the same product.  

Dark Oak fl0oor in Busy Restaurant

When designing colours to match interiors, always send us the veneer colour you want and we can then select the best raw material to achieve a matching colour using any of the above methods.
We are continually developing ways of treating our engineered oak floors and are confident that we can create whatever you need.  Please contact our experts on 01666504015 or email us at: