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Finishing Colours & Oils

We work extensively with Timberex to create new and innovative finishes to our range of wood flooring.  Timberex are an English manufacturer of wood finishing products that was established in 1928, they pride themselves on using natural ingredients in their products resulting in beautiful finishes.

More and more people are choosing to have bespoke wood floors; the best method of creating a unique floor is to apply Timberex oils to an unfinished wood floor.   This page discusses the simple process to oiling your unfinished wood floor with our range of high quality finishing oils.

If you’re interested in seeing any of our Timberex products, please call our team of experts on 01666 504015 or email to find out more.

Timberex Colour Oil

Timberexoils are very user-friendly, the coloured oils can be mixed to create new and interesting colours and they do not require a top coat.  There are ten colours within the colour oil range and a further two colours from theTimberguardrange of external oils (which can also be used inside).  All of theTimberex/Timberguardoils work on a two coat process, 20mins between coats apply wet-on-wet and a final buff to finish.  This means that you can oil your floor in one day and introduce light traffic two days later, wait at least four days before introducing the floor to water, for best results allow the floor to cure undisturbed for seven to ten days.  This makesTimberexoils amongst the fastest drying finishing oils you can use.


Timberex & Timberguard Coloured Finishes

Timberex Aqua Plus

Our latest collaboration with Timberex resulted in the creation of Timberex Aqua Plus.  Aqua Plus is a Polyurethane based wood finishing product that is remarkably hardwearing, can be applied in three coats with an hour between coats, most impressively though, Aqua Plus is fully cured in 24hrs!  These are truly remarkable finishing products.  For more information see our Timberex Aqua Plus product page or see examples of the finishes below:

Timberex Aqua Plus Finishes

Timberex Natural Oil

Timberex supply a great range of different natural finishing oils.  Whilst although you'll see on the photos below some boards look lighter (or darker) than others; this is not representative of an entire floor as "natural" means the oils simply highlight the quality of that piece of wood.  You can expect that kind of shade range with any of the natural finishing oils (except the specialist Enviro oils such as Clear or Raw Timber).  Each all has it's own characteristics which can be seen on the individual product pages which you can access here: Timberex Natural Finishes.  

The Enviro range has been specially developed with us to enable you to keep your floor looking untreated.  This product is non-yellowing and is remarkably hardwearing, no wonder its quickly becoming our most asked for finish; so much so, that we've now started pre-finishing our floors with this oil applied.  For more information of Enviro oils, see the Enviro Oil Product Page.

Timberex Natural & Enviro Finishes

Timberex Aqua Plus Black
Timberex Aqua Plus Blue
Timberex Aqua Plus Oxide Yellow
Timberex Aqua Plus Red
Timberex Aqua Plus White
Timberex Aqua Plus Yellow