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Flooring Accessories Guide

Here's a quick guide to help you select the correct flooring accessories for your wood flooring project. For expert advice on accessories or any thing else regarding your wood flooring project, please call 01666 504015

  • example of Oak Skirting board

    Skirting - Used to match the floor instead of painted skirting.

  • Step nosing made of Walnut

    Step Nosing - Used to finish off against fire surrounds, mat wells and many other applications.

  • Walnut end moulding

    End Moulding - Used where a floor finishes and there is a lower floor or tiles, also has many other applications.

  • wooden stair nosing example

    Stair Nosing - Used to finish off the end of a stair tread and also allows a riser to be fitted. You can use our flooring to make the stairs as well.

  • T moulding in Walnut wood

    T Moulding - Used where a wooden floor goes to carpet or where you need an expansion gap in the floor in doorways etc.

  • wooden radiator pipecover

    Radiator Pipe Cover - Use these covers to perfectly cover any gaps visible where a pipe passes through the floor.

Other Accessories

Reducer Bar - Used to reduce the level of the floor down to a tile for example

 Face Moulding - Used to cover the floor surface if an expansion gap underneath is required or any other application your fitter may deem necessary.