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How to Apply Timberex Finishing Oil

Timberex finishing oils are very easy to apply.  The majority work on the same technique, however, it must be clearly highlighted that we recommend any finishing work be carried out by a skilled professional floor finisher and that they take the time to read the instructions which are on the back of every Timberex product.

If you’re interested in seeing any of our Timberex products, please call our team of experts on 01666 504015 or email to find out more.

For the product information sheets which include the methods of applying Timberex oils to your wood floor please see below:

Please note, whilst although Timberex oils can be applied and buffed by hand, you need to ensure a smooth even coat and to work quickly enough that the oils do not dry between coats.  For this reason it’s highly advisable that you use a buffing machine with a red or beige nylon buffing pad.  Most builders merchants offer orbital buffing machine on hire and sell the appropriate pads.

Please choose from the list below for your relevant instructions:

Timberex Natural Finishing Oil for use on unfinished wood floors Timberex Natural

Timberex Hard Wax Oil Satin or Natural for unfinished wood flooring Timberex Hard Wax Oil (Matt or Satin)

Timberex Heavy Duty UV finishing oil for unfinished wood flooring Timberex Heavy Duty UV

Timberex Free finishing oil for unfinished wood flooring Timberex Free

Timberex Wax finishing oil for unfinished wood flooring Timberex Wax Oil

Timberex Gold finishing oil for unfinished wood flooring Timberex Gold

Timberex Coloured Oil for finishing unfinished wood flooring Timberex Coloured Oil (incl. White, Extra White, Black, Driftwood, Cherry, Early American, Mahogany, Medium Walnut, Dark Walnut, Black Walnut)

Timberguard finishing oil for interior or exterior unfinished wood Timberguard Natural & Coloured (incl. Bangkirai & Teak)

Timberex Enviro finishing oils for unfinished wood flooring Timberex Enviro (Raw Timber or Clear)

Timberex Aqua Plus specialist finishing coatings for wood flooring Timberex Aqua Plus (incl. White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Red Oxide, Yellow Oxide)


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