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American Black Walnut Oiled and Lacquered Fitted in Various Locations

These American Walnut floors were supplied by us and then fitted by one of our certified team of experienced wood floor fitters. You should always use a professional and not your local builder unless he has a portfolio of work to show you on wood floors. Fitting Hardwood floors is a specialist trade and the subfloor and local environment must be correct. Do not fit a floor if the subfloor has more than 8% moisture you will only be building trouble for the future.
These Walnut floors are beautiful when fitted correctly and the oiled version we supply are very easy to repair if it is a high traffic area. Most of these are our 190mm wide x 1860mm long walnut floor boards which is why they look so good. If you click on one of the images below it will take you to a large high resolution picture.

American Black Walnut E502

Black Walnut wooden flooring in lounge