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Maintaining Your Floor With Timbrex

Maintaining an oiled surface using the correct products and methods will ensure a good looking wood surface for years to come. Re-oiling is an easy, cost-effective way to reinforce protective layers against wear and tear in commercial and domestic situations.

Some benefits of using Timberex products include:

  • Easy-of-use

  • Cost effective

  • No special equipment needed

  • Fast-drying

The frequencies of treatment entirely depend on the wood species, preparation and use of the floor. A simple clean is sufficient and re-oiling can commence when it’s dry.


This is a straightforward process that requires Timberex cleaning fluid, water and a damp cloth. Once the surface is dry, any marks can be sanded away.


Using a brush or roller, apply a thin coat of Timbrex, this should be repeated after about 20-45 minutes. After a further 20-45 mins, wet buff the surface to remove the excess the oil. 2-4 hours later, finish by dry-buffing the surface.

Maintenance & Repairs

Complimentary Timberex products can be used to maintain and repair oiled wood floors. This innovative range has revolutionised the way oiled surfaces are refreshed without the need for any tools.

Timberex oil foam is fast-drying, removing scratches, leaving a fully-finished dry surface within minutes.

Removing Old Oil & Wax Residues Before Re-Oiling

Timberex Oil & Wax Remover is a powerful deep cleaner which will remove old oil and wax residue, offering an alternative to sanding down a badly worn, neglected and dirty wood surface.