American Black Walnut Flooring

The American Black Walnut installed in this country house has underfloor heating in a sand and cement screed. The walnut flooring had been acclimatised whilst the underfloor heating was on and then installed after 7 days. The underfloor heating gradually dried out the hard wax oil factory finish as is to be expected. After 4 weeks, the floor was thoroughly cleaned with the professional product made by Blanchon Natural Soap, this is specially designed to clean any wooden floor as it is PH neutral.

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 American black walnut wooden flooring

In fact you can use this to clean lacquered floors as well as stone floors. The best way is to use a squeezy mop which can be purchased anywhere. The Bio C does not leave streaks so you get a perfectly clean floor.

Walnut flooring in a country home

The floor then had a coat of the new heavy duty plus oil applied which has UV inhibitors to help protect the beautiful colour of a walnut floor. In normal circumstances this floor will last a lifetime and will just need cleaning with Bio C if it gets dirty or with just a soft duster. You can buy a mop from us which has renewable pads for this operation. The pictures show the transformation that just one coat of heavy duty plus oil made to the look for the floor.

Dark Walnut floors in a living room

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Black American Walnut Flooring Hard Wax Oil Finish
Black American Walnut Flooring Hard Wax Oil Finish

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