Basements & Wood Flooring

Basements and Wood Flooring

Basements & Wood Flooring

Basement Waterproofing: To make a basement livable you need to "Tank" it out, this means sealing the walls, foundations and floor with water impervious materials such as damp proof membranes, foundation sealants etc. For a wood floor to remain stable the relative humidity must be less than 60% and the moisture content of the walls and floor must be less than 8% and we would prefer if it was 2%.

Considerable care needs to be taken when converting basement rooms to avoid the ingress of moisture. There are companies that specialise in damp proofing basements. Two of which are Rentokil and Peter Cox (although there are others who also perform the same services to a high standard), and they will provide a complete service to prepare your basement ready to apply the finishes of your choice.

Click one or both of the links below to see information from two companies that specialise in tanking out basements.

Rentokil Basement Waterproofing & Tanking

Basement waterproofing from peter cox

Download Basement waterproofing from Peter Cox
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