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Project: Berkeley Homes Silk Stream Development

Silk Stream is a new 9-acre development located between Brent Cross and Wembley. This vibrant part of north London offers excellent schools, good local shops, cafes and restaurants, and an abundance of green, open spaces to explore. Brent Cross, one of the UK’s largest shopping malls, is close-by and it’s a 20-minute journey via Thameslink to King’s Cross and the heart of London with all it has to offer.

Below is a 3D site model of the development at the marketing suite.

3d model of silk stream development

Ryder International Limited worked with the developer’s internal interior designers to create and manufacture a herringbone floor that matched their budget requirements.

The floor below is the Impervia Cobble Grey Herringbone and can be seen in more detail on the Impervia website here

Impervia flooring is both waterproof and fireproof and can be used anywhere.

impervia cobble grey herringbone in living room

The Cobble Grey Oak offers so much more than just a warm and wood-like textured floor to your space, not only because it is available in a classic herringbone, but also due to its variety of beautiful earthy tones combined with natural-looking character and hints of grey, it allows you to be versatile enough in either a modern environment or somewhere you’d prefer a more ‘rustic’ approach. The Cobble Grey Oak needs to be fitted with the varied tones mixed, to create an acceptable blend for best overall results, that will be most pleasing to the eye.

impervia cobble grey oak in kitchen

Bare Timber with the textured wood-effect surface, brings a cosy yet elegant touch to your space.  The finish replicates the bare timber finish on Oak flooring giving a natural Oak finish with knots a grain showing and because of the textured layer on all the Impervia range, it feels like wood.

Impervia oak herringbone floor in hallway

Commercial grade heavy duty and suitable for a wide range of environments, the water and stain-resistant benefits of Impervia allows you freedom as to where it can be installed. Providing easy installation with a ‘push-fit Valinge 5G-i system’, a built-in acoustic dampening IXPE backing, and the comfort of knowing Impervia is suitable for use with underfloor heating, Impervia is a fantastic flooring solution.

The composite core is mainly made up of crushed stone, and with 1.5mm IXEP backing. For our commercial grade the top layers are virgin material for durability. Waterproof, Fireproof and Formaldehyde Free Flooring. With our forests ever decreasing and precious resources being used for an increasing market in wood flooring, we have an alternative that uses less of our natural forests. Impervia Luxury Flooring is extruded from natural element’s and stone. The decorative layer is made from high quality photographic paper and our acoustic backing is VOC free with no cryogenic emissions or formaldehyde. The finish has a ceramic quality for high traffic areas. The IPXE backing has an acoustic property of 21 db. The total thickness is 6.5mm and it requires no adhesive or other accessories or material to fit.

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