Carbonised Oak Colour Variation

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Project: Carbonised Oak Colour Variation

Carbonising Oak is where it is heat treated to burn off all the tannins and create a dark colour just like carbon. However because each tree is different and each part of an Oak tree is different the colours and hues will be different.
The two pictures below show the extreme colour variation that can occur in a normal natural oiled carbonised board like our E802 

Image Image

It also depends on the seasons for example some hot season will make the tree grow quicker and colder ones it will grow slower which means it takes in less nutrient from the soil. The area where it grow also has an impact for example if there is a lot of iron oxidises in the soil then carbonising will tend to make the boards redder where as other natural elements will have different effects. 


Reducing Colour Variation in Carbonised Oak

The two pictures below show how the natural occurring colour variation can be almost eliminated by professional finishing craftsmen just using natural oils.  The floor still has the reddish warm tones of carbonised oak which has the same colour all the way through the top layer of the engineered Oak. This could have been further reduced taking out all the reddish tones with other treatment which are all natural oil based and child safe meeting all the latest British and European standards.

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