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Please see the relevant links within this section to specific technical pages, products and advice documents to ensure you have a trouble free wood floor installation.

This information is continually updated as we gain new experiences when working with developers general builders main and subcontractors. It is updated at least once a week and will gradually become the bible for wood flooring.

Our specialist flooring contractors section contains what we feel are the most important issues when looking at purchasing, installing, cleaning and maintaining wood flooring. There are many misconceptions and each section has a brief synopsis before leading to links of relevant pages or PDF files that can be downloaded and printed.

Note: Be aware of Health and safety especially if you are building or cladding wood stairs with the wood flooring.

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> General Fitting for Large Developments
Although we always recommend that the wood floor is the last product to be fitted and that the only work left is to fit skirting boards; we understand that this is always not possible when scheduling large developments...READ MORE

> Pre-Installation Conditions for Wood Flooring
The importance of moisture and humidity levels cannot be over emphasized and should be followed stringently if you want a trouble free wood floor installation that will last a lifetime...READ MORE

> Pre-Finished Flooring
This page gives you more insight into how we finish our range of pre-finished wood floors and the benefits of each method...READ MORE

> Preparation of New & Existing Subfloors
A subfloor is what is underneath your present floor covering. Subfloors can become a nightmare if you do not follow the correct procedures because whatever goes on top of the subfloor will be affected by it...READ MORE

> Solid Versus Engineered Wood Flooring - What You Should Consider When Buying Your New Floor
Solid wood flooring is now very much in decline.  This is due to increased awareness of sustainability and the need to reduce deforestation and changes in the market (such as using underfloor heating, people wanting wider floor boards...READ MORE

> Supply Chain Management
Large commercial and residential projects (like our recent projects in South Bank Tower, South Bank Place, Roman House of Berkeley Homes, Riverlight for St James, along with High End residential blocks in Kensington High Street and Museums) require careful planning and co-ordination between the large number of disciplines needed to complete such complex projects...READ MORE

> Underlays & Floating Wood Floors
There are many misconceptions regarding wood flooring and fitting via the method of floating.  To highlight, wherever possible we recommend you glue the flooring directly to your subfloor...READ MORE

> Underfloor Heating
This article has been produced after extensive research and more importantly our own experience in fitting wooden flooring over underfloor heating (UFH). All of our engineered wooden flooring is suitable for any type of UFH...READ MORE

> Flooring Services
So, you need to arrange for a wood floor to be fitted for a development. Why not take advantage of the Solid Wood Flooring company’s extensive range of flooring services?...READ MORE

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