Dealing With Concrete Floors

When fitting wood floors to concrete, use a wood floor specialist with experience. They will ensure that your floor is fitted correctly through using a damp proof membrane (DPM) and good quality adhesive. Using a strong adhesive will ensure longevity of your floor, as well as trouble-free installation.

Levelling Uneven Concrete Floors

If you’re addressing an uneven flooring surface, it’s important to screed the floor using a self- levelling compound. Always test the moisture level of the floor screed, as well as the humidity of the room.

The following procedures will guarantee that you won’t encounter any problems once the wood floor is laid on concrete:

  • Ensure the screed holds your wood floors correctly

  • Make sure old concrete is cleaned and prepared

  • If there are larger areas of levelling needed, allow more fluid

  • A fast-drying compound will allow the DPM to be applied quickly

If your floor only has some small dips then you can use a product like Bona R880 to fix hollow spots and glue skirting boards etc.

Applying a DPM

  • Ensure the product is compatible with your adhesive
  • Check it’s usable over most self-levelling compounds
  • You should be able to do this process in one coat
  • A DPM should be quick-drying, level & non-hazardous

Applying Flooring Adhesives

Wait 4 hours before applying the adhesive, ensuring it’s compatible with your other products. Fill in any hollow spots using the recommended comb and after 8 hours, you should be able to walk on the floor.

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