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Wood flooring must always be fitted according to BS8201:2011 and wherever possible an experienced wood floor fitter should also be used.  This section is for guidance only as site conditions and subfloors will dictate the best method of fitting your floor.  If you want your own builder or fitter to install your floor, they must understand that they take on full responsibility for the fitting of the floor and ensuring the subfloor is suitable.  For more information or to arrange one of our recommended fitters to visit you, please call 01666 504 015.

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> EazyFit Parquet
Parquet Flooring is now making a big comeback as a popular designer floor.. READ MORE

> Fitting Below Skirting Boards
As long as you have the correct tools, fitting flooring below skirting boards is quite a simple process. READ MORE

> Fitting Information
Wood flooring is a visually appealing, environmentally friendly floor covering that can last for many years, when planned, fitted and cared for correctly. READ MORE

> Gluing to Aluminium Spreader Plates
The Solid Wood Flooring Company has developed their engineered wood flooring so it can be glued directly to aluminium spreader plates. These plates are found in certain underfloor heating systems. READ MORE

> Fitting Videos
To help you visualise the methods of fitting wood flooring please see these videos. READ MORE

> Basements & Wood Flooring
To make a basement livable you need to "Tank" it out, this means sealing the walls, foundations and floor with water impervious materials such as damp proof membranes, foundation sealants etc. READ MORE

> Water & Wood Moisture & Humidity
Water and Wood Flooring do not mix, relative humidity levels and the moisture content of sub floors wall and the humidity in the air have huge effects on wood even your furniture made out of wood if effect and doors can jam because of high humidity levels. READ MORE

> Fitting & Installation Technical Glossary
Many people are unfamiliar with terms used in a particular industry, this blog is intended to help explain these phrases in a simple way. READ MORE

> Underlays for Wood Flooring
Here at The Solid Wood Flooring Company we only recommend and supply the best underlays for your floor. READ MORE

> Wood Flooring Adhesives
We recommend that wherever possible you glue your wood floor directly to your subfloor. READ MORE

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