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Can Solid and Engineered boards be used as Structural boards?

Our Wood flooring meets all the requirements of BS6399 - Part 1 for load bearing. We can also confirm that our Engineered and Solid Wood floors comply with BS6399-1:1966 Table 1, Section 3 and specifically Museum Floors and Art Galleries for exhibitions. 

Our boards also comply with Clause 5.1.2 'Uniformly Distributed Loads' and clause 5.1.3 'Concentrated Loads'.

How should I store my Solid Wood Flooring prior to fitting?

Solid boards need to be acclimatised for 14 days before fitting. This can be done by following the guidelines below;

Store the boards in the environment in which they are to be laid. Leave the boards in their cartons, with both the top and bottom end open.
Store at least 500mm away from any wall
Support the Cartons off the ground at a minimum of 400mm along the length.

How long will I have to wait for my order to arrive?

Delivery is within three working days following receipt of payment. This is an industrial delivery, therefore someone must be present to unload, check and sign for the goods.

We offer a next working day service for our Cleaning & Maintenance products providing you order before 11AM.

Do you send free samples? If so how do I get them?

Yes - We encourage our customers to see a sample of the product before you order. Samples are free and we will send up to 4 samples at any one time to assist with selection.

Samples are designed to be large enough to provide a good example of the product, but small enough to be sent by A4 Envelope (First Class Royal Mail) to speed up the delivery process.

Please call 01666 504015 to order your free samples!

Will the colour of the Wood vary from the Samples that are sent?

Yes - The samples will be representative of the colour, but Wood is a natural product. Therefore shade/colour variation, knotting and tightness of grain are all inherent characteristics.

We can guarantee that any product we manufacture from wood will contain such characteristics which will help to create your unique, individual and beautiful floor.

What are Random Lengths and Fixed Lengths?

Random Lengths are standard lengths specified by The Solid Wood Flooring Company. These lengths are calculated to allow the best aesthetic variation in the finished floor. Typically the minimum length is 400mm and the maximum length is 1800mm. The overall average length is 900mm.

Fixed Lengths are stipulated for a particular product, with one or two layers in each carton split, with one half a minimum of 600mm long. This is designed to assist in fitting and minimise the need to sacrifice a longboard when cutting in.

Do you have a Showroom?

Yes - We have a showroom at our Head Office in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. For more information please follow the link below;

Wood Flooring Showroom - Tetbury >>

We also have a permanent display at The Building Centre, London. This is an un-manned display, therefore if any assistance is required please call 01666 504015 and any one of our professional advisers would be more than happy to help. For more details please follow the link below;

Wood Flooring Display - The Building Centre (London) >>

What are Solid Wood Floor Boards?

Solid Wood Floor Boards are made by machining kiln dried timber to a regular size within fine tolerances. 

Each plank is individual and will retain the characteristics of the tree that it came from, as every tree is individual. Solid Wood will react to changes in humidity and moisture and can move by more than 5% of its original kiln dried measurements. 

This is why solid boards must be acclimatised prior to fitting and care must be taken when installing them. Always use a professional fitter!

What are Engineered Wood Floor Boards?

Engineered boards are constructed from layers of Hardwood Ply and a final Solid Hardwood wear layer. These are Glued and Fused together in controlled factory conditions to produce a reliable, strong product. 

The Solid Wood Flooring Company use only the strongest backing and the construction of our boards are 8-11 layers of Cross-Ply Hardwood, with a final wearing layer of either 4, 5 or 6mm of Solid Wood.

This produces a very stable board that is both load bearing and structurally sound. For more information, please call 01666 504015.

Do Solid Wood Floors look better than Engineered Wood Floors?

Not at all, the top layer of an Engineered Board is the same genuine Wood that you have in a Solid Board. The finished look of an Engineered Wood Floor will be identical to that of a Solid Wood Floor.

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