General Fitting for large developments

Although we always recommend that the wood floor is the last product to be fitted  and that the only work left is to fit skirting boards; we understand that this is always not possible when scheduling large developments.  If your project is looking like the floor will be fitted before other trades are complete (i.e. paint work still to do or fit kitchen units etc…) then it is imperative that a good quality floor protection system is used and that before covering the wood floor that dust sheets are carefully placed beneath any plastic top covering as dust will always get underneath and the dust sheets being a softer material will further protect the floor from grit, dust, paint and also heavy boots.

For real protection we always recommend using a 3mm hardboard top covering (not plastic as this can sometimes cause the floor to “sweat” and can be detrimental to an oiled board). We have also seen other trades use the floor as a workbench and cutting tools go through plastic very easily but it is more difficult to penetrate a good quality hardboard.

NEVER USE A BRUSH TO SWEEP THE FLOOR AFTER REMOVING ANY FLOOR PROTECTION always use a vacuum cleaner, because with fine grit and dust a brush will only create a "dusty" surface as it will brush the dust into the grain of wood as well as brushing it away.

Always refer to our Builders Clean document and maintenance guides depending on the finish of the floor: Builders Clean Document.

For information on general cleaning & maintenance following the Builders Clean for your clients to use please the relevant pages:

How to Care for your Oiled Wood Floor
How to Care for your Lacquered Wood Floor 

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